DUAL-HEAD HDMI KVM with Audio CAT.6 Extender
DUAL-HEAD HDMI KVM with Audio CAT.6 Extender

DUAL-HEAD KVM with Audio CAT.6 Transmitter

Input : 2x HDMI, 1x USB, 1x Audio

Output : 2x LINK

Controls : RS-232, IR (out), 2x USB



DUAL-HEAD KVM with Audio CAT.6 Receiver

Input : 2x LINK

Output : 2x HDMI, 1x Audio

Controls : RS-232, IR (in), 2x USB, 2x EDID

  • Introduction
  • Features
  • Specifications
  • The SB-6182 is a high performance KVM (Keyboard, Video and Mouse)

    extender that allows a customer to have full console control at 170 meters

    (1080p resolution) remote.

    The flexibility of CAT.5e/6 cables makes this easily routable and is an

    inexpensive method for extending a full KVM console.

    It can transmit two HDMI digital video streams, USB Keyboard/Mouse, IR, RS-

    232 and stereo audio via two CAT.5e/6 cables.

    In operation, SB-6182 is truly plug and play, capturing full EDID data from

    the display ensuring your hardware is always setup to deliver optimal display


    It is optimized for applications at industrial control, security, KVM extension.

  • 01. Extends Dual-Head Video / Keyboard / Mouse / Audio / IR / RS-232 signals of PC via two CAT.5e/6 cables

    02. Supports up to 2 HDMI (DVI-D via adapter) sources * Dual-Head Video *

    03. Supports USB keyboard / mouse

    04. Supports 3.5mm audio function (speaker)

    05. Compatible with all major operating systems

    06. The bandwidth of video and keyboard / mouse is separated so keyboard / mouse can full speed without any delay

    07. Supports resolution up to 1920x1080 (HDMI) / 1920X1200 (DVI)

    08. Supports transmission distance up to 140m (CAT.5e) / 170m (CAT.6)

    09. EDID Copy function makes the optimal high resolution for your displays

    10. Supports RS-232 (Full Duplex)

    11. Supports IR (Frequency : 20~60 KHz)

    12. Supports surge protection

    13. Simple LED indication for easy status monitoring

    14. HDMI 1.3 / HDCP compliant

    15. Supports Plug & Play; Software not required