19 inch Rack Mount
19 inch Rack Mount
CAT5 19 inch Rack Mount - 2U/2D High_ 3mm PANEL
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  • The SB-6066 is a CAT5 extender panel rack mount or piping loads of HD content to various sources over CAT5 cabling. The CAT5 extender panel is applicable for Shinybow CAT5 extenders, which including different video signals.  Customers can choose from HDMI and DVI, VGA(RGBHV), Component (YPBPR) Video and Composite Video, with Digital Audio (COXI/SPDIF/ TOSLINK) or Stereo Audio(AR/AL)

    SB-6110      VGA_Audio CAT5(Tx) Transmitter Extender
    SB-6110R    VGA_Audio CAT5(Rx) Receiver Extender
    SB-6130      Component Video(Tx) Transmitter Extender
    SB-6130R    Component Video(Rx) Receiver Extender
    SB-6135      Composite Video or Digital / Audio (Tx) Transmitter Extender
    SB-6135R    Composite Video or Digital / Audio(Rx) Receiver Extender.
  • 1. Support 2U Rack Mount for CAT5 Transmitter(Tx), CAT5 Repeater(Rxx) and CAT5 Receiver(Rx)
    2. CAT5 Extender Panel offer 2U/2D High, thin : 3mm
    3. Enclosure : 19 inch Rack.
  • 1. Type of product : CAT5 Extender Panel
    2. Application : CAT5 Transmitter(Tx), Repeater(Rxx) and Receiver(Rx)
    3. Enclosure : 19 Inch Rack Mount
    4. Safety Approvals : RoHS(2002/95/EC)
    5. Dimension(WxLxH) : 19” x 3.46” x 0.12” (482mm x 88mm x 3mm)